Future 2030

A ten-year action plan designed to help us realise the vision of an integrated world we would like to live in.

A ten-year action plan designed to help us realise the vision of an integrated world we would like to live in.

Project 2030

Since 2014, we have continued to prove that there is room for environmentally conscious development, outofthebox thinking and new solutions in the food industry. Since the beginning, we have worked to ensure that everything we do contributes to a more sustainable world.

This is how we came up with the Future 2030 concept – a ten-year action plan designed to help us realise the vision of an integrated world we would like to live in.


Reduced use of plastic – rPET

In 2018, we made a commitment to reduce the amount of plastic and include recycled plastic (rPET) in our bulk packaging. rPET is a material made from recycled waste.

Today, all VIGO bottles are wrapped in fully recyclable plastic foil, with an average of 30% rPET content.


By 2030, we plan to completely eliminate plastic bottle wrappers. Our aim is to make the packaging of our beverages not only well-designed and aesthetically pleasing, but above all environmentally friendly.



Climate neutrality is one of our key principles. That is why we have optimised the amount of glass used in the production of bottles by reducing their weight, resulting in lower transport costs and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. We are committed to ensuring that our packaging leaves the smallest environmental footprint. Our bottles use recycled glass, which accounts for 46% of their total weight. We also aim to maximise the use of recycled glass by the end of 2024. The glass we use to make our bottles can be reused multiple times without any loss of quality. This helps reduce waste, cut carbon emissions and save raw materials.


At the same time, glass acts as a barrier to external factors, which means that it can be used to store products safely for longer. This makes glass a natural choice when it comes to ensuring the highest product quality.


And last but not least – glass is not only eco-friendly, but also aesthetically pleasing.

We believe that the sum of small things can make a big difference.



Our company is part of FEVE, which is the federation of European manufacturers of glass containers for food and beverage and flacons for perfumery, cosmetics and pharmacy markets. Its members produce more than 80 billion glass containers a year in production facilities located in 23 European countries and provide 125,000 direct and indirect jobs throughout the supply chain.

Our glass containers are marked with the Glass Hallmark. We are delighted to be the first brand in the world to adopt this symbol which represents our drive for a more sustainable future. By using it, we want to communicate our commitment to recycling and responsible resource management.


Women’s Empowerment Principles

We have joined the WEPs (Women’s Empowerment Principles) initiative, which is based on a set of Principles offering guidance to business on how to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace and in the community.

We believe that gender equality is not just a matter of fairness, but is also crucial for innovation, productivity and sustainable economic growth.

The WEPs Principles are based on international labour law and human rights standards and are founded on the belief that companies need to take responsibility for gender equality.


Anti-trafficking / anti-slavery acts

We carefully select our business partners and suppliers of raw materials. We make a conscious effort to avoid working with those whose ethics fall short of our values, particularly in terms of labour standards. Slavery and forced labour can take many forms, such as human trafficking, prison labour or child labour. This is why we monitor and closely inspect supplier working conditions. This ensures that our products are made in compliance with the highest labour standards. 

We have built our team of over a dozen people on mutual trust and respect. As a company, we expect all our employees to act in accordance with the highest ethical standards and legal regulations. We uphold the same standard of conduct in our company’s dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders.  


Carbon neutral

In the light of global warming and a worsening environmental crisis, it is increasingly important that we implement the principle of sustainability. Accordingly, we require our suppliers to set significant carbon reduction milestones and make decisions that will promote such measures in the long term.


Cruelty free

Animal welfare is one of our guiding principles. This is why, from the early days of our business, we have required that our suppliers commit to the ban on conducting or funding animal testing to substantiate the health claims of specific ingredients. We are against brutal practices involving laboratory animals.


Vegan certification

We are committed to transparency, which is why all products manufactured by the Cruz Group are certified with the prestigious V-Label, making it possible to easily and clearly identify a specific food item as vegetarian or vegan according to the universally accepted criteria. Following a vegan lifestyle helps prevent animal suffering and is also an effective way to reduce our environmental footprint, especially with regard to climate change.


Organic farming

Since 2017, the vast majority of our finished and intermediate products have been certified EU-Organic, USDA Organic and JAS Organic. These certificates are associated with regular, rigorous in-house audits of the companies we work with. We believe that organic farming stands for healthy, top quality ingredients.


Recycled cardboard

Sustainability is an essential part of all our new product launches. We are very particular about the choice of materials, and every box used to package our bottles is made from recycled cardboard.

We are FSC® certified and participate in the Forests For All Forever™ movement. We have also created a campaign: RECYCLE* – *Not all heroes wear capes. All recyclable elements of our products are marked with the campaign’s logo and tagline to encourage waste sorting.


Eco-friendly label

We are looking for the best and most sustainable solutions. Our new bottle labels are made of thinner material, with the use of best-in-class water-free bleaching technology. Also, they are manufactured with post-consumer recycled waste.


Charity initiatives: our Dżok Project

We run our company with the broader goal of building a better future for all of us to live in. But we also believe in initiatives that bring more immediate, though perhaps less spectacular, effects. This is how the Dżok Project was created in collaboration with the Krakow based club café Forum Przestrzenie. The labels of the dedicated Vigo line feature four-legged residents of a Krakow shelter looking for homes. Our pet adoption campaign has not only helped many dogs find their new homes, but also demonstrated the power of working together for a good cause.



The glass bottles of our beverages are ideal for upcycling, i.e. giving waste a new life. With a little effort, they can be turned into creative, stylish and practical items. Follow us at @vigokombucha and get inspired!

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