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Disinfecting label

We appreciate beautiful products. From the beginning, we attached great importance not only to the product itself, but also to its packaging. We wanted the bottle of our Vigo Kombucha to be perfectly crafted, aesthetically pleasing and functional. With this in mind, we developed the innovative Vigo Kombucha LabelSaves™ disinfecting label.

The last few years have made it clear how important easy access to disinfectants is. So, inspired by surgical materials, we developed an innovative solution – a hand sanitising label.

The external layer of the label has been treated with an antiseptic agent so that the best possible disinfectant effect is achieved as soon as the product comes into contact with the skin.

The design assumes an antiseptic efficacy of 70% and we are currently working to further increase the performance of the material.

It is our ambition to inspire other manufacturers to think outside the box.

Vigo Kombucha LabelSaves™

Vigo Kombucha LabelSaves™



We want our products to leave the smallest possible trace. But we actually took the Zero Waste concept one step further and used kombucha ferment filtrate, a manufacturing residue, to produce Bio VIGO Kombucha Shots. What used to be production waste, has become a key component in the production process of our Bio VIGO Kombucha Shots. 

This new line of beverages is not only rich in probiotic nutrients, but also helps maximise the use of the SCOBY tea mushroom. This way, we have managed to combine our commitment to promoting health and to minimising potential production waste. Win-win.

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